We thought we'd add a little intro here – so you know who is behind Melbourne Frock Swap and who it is you are dealing with when you ring or email us :)

Melbourne Frock Swap was created and is run by Rachael and Nicole - sisters born and bred in Melbourne's West.  We are both mums now with 5 kids between us, all under 10.

We are both active (and addicted) members of our local Buy, Swap and Sell group on Facebook (hello IWBSS members!!); and after having bought and sold many a bargain on the site – we realised that there were a lot of people out there like us – with clothes in their wardrobes, good clothes, that just don’t fit anymore; or don’t suit us or that we bought on a whim (…guilty).  And while there is always a bargain to be had in the Facebook group – the problem with clothing is it is difficult to purchase without having to go over to a stranger’s house and try it on.  And while everyone has been lovely; we couldn’t help but think - wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could all get together to buy and sell all our clothing, shoes and accessories?  With change rooms on hand??

Our first market was a very small event; with little to no marketing behind it – we had a wonderful day, we sold a good amount of stock; but mostly we were surprised at just how much fun it is to spend the day with a bunch of like-minded women, who (for the most part) have left the men and kids at home.

We wanted to expand on that – so we’ve worked hard to create the new and improved Melbourne Frock Swap.  It is still a second hand clothing market, but it’s more than that too. We want to make sure it’s a lovely girl’s day out. 

There are a few things that are very important to us, that we focus on heavily:

Everyone is comfortable - we've made sure all the sites are indoors so there's no wind, rain, dirt & heat to deal with.

Everyone has plenty of space - the stalls are larger than your average market space & can easily be shared between friends

Everyone enjoys themselves – we are both there, in the thick of it, the whole day; checking on everyone and making sure everyone is happy and enjoying themselves. 

Everyone makes some money - experience has taught us that you can't please everyone;  at each market we get people who absolutely smash their expectations, and a few that don't make as much as they would like.  While we can't make customers buy your stuff - we can do our best to get as many people through the doors.  We promise that advertising and marketing is of the utmost importance to us and we are spreading the net as wide as we can, to make sure you get the most out of your money and your day.

Everyone is looked after - we're happy to come around and make sure you get a toilet break and grab some lunch if you are on your own.  We try to add a great range of yummy food options, coffee and some pamper stalls in there too.

No-one has to take anything home they don't want - we've teamed up with the Red Cross, who come along at the end of every market to take anyway anything you don't want to take home with you.   

 I hope this gives you a little bit of insight into the madness behind the name.  We are just two local girls who thought this might be a fun thing to do.  We really hope that, if you do join us; that you sell off all those unwanted things, bag yourself some bargains – and have a lovely day out as well.



Rachael and Nicole